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Maintaining a relationship requires nurture, care and attention. We don’t get to great places in our relationships by chance; we get there by working at it. You may feel stuck, unheard, unappreciated or overlooked with your spouse. Perhaps your spouse has been conveying feeling this way.


Oftentimes we determine what our significant others need by looking at ourselves rather than asking about what works best for them. We come from different families with unique patterns of communication, affection and histories. Assuming what others need without asking can lead to all parties feeling frustrated and hurt.


Couples counseling creates a place for couples to express themselves openly and honestly, learn how to give each other the love and attention they need, and understand how personal beliefs and ideas can get in the way of  partner’s feeling understood and loved. 

“Relationships last long not because it was destined to be but because two brave people decided to keep fighting for it."


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